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Mechanical Seals For Pharmaceutical Industry

We supply Mechanical Seals For Pharmaceutical Industry in all over UAE, Chemical manufacturing requires the standard repertoire of chemical engineering know-how and process hardware. From fertilizer to pharmaceuticals. QMS Pumps is a leading  Mechanical seals manufacturer and suppliers in UAE. each processing lines uses similar pumps, mixers, vellels and reactors. however, one significant difference between producing ordinary chemicals and life saving drugs is the degree of cleanliness and sterility imposed on the latter. A contaminated batch of drigs can't be reprocessed ia a mechanical seal fails. Applying a cost-cutting strategy to speciality items, such as mechanical seals for top entry mixers, can backfire. first of all, the cost of a mechanical seal is tiny fraction of the total installed cost of a processing line. second, the cost of a seal is small compared to the value of the contents in a reactor or mixer, which can be worth thousands of dollars per pound.