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Mechanical Seals For Oil & Gas Industry

We supply Mechanical seals for oil and gas industry in UAE including upstream and downstream sectors both marine and land. Typical Oil and Gas applications include: crude oil pumps. QMS Pumps is designs and manufacturer a range of mechanical sealing products for the diverse applications encountered in the oil and gas industry. Careful consideration must be taken when selecting pumps and mechanical seals for these products. Temperature ranges of sub zero to 800F, low specific gravity hydrocarbons, products handled near their vapor pressure, and flammable liquids all present unique challenges for proper mechanical seal selection as well as dependability. QMS offers a range of single, double, and tandem heavy duty cartridge seals designed and engineered to accommodate the various centrifugal pumps built to API 610 standards, as well as specialty pumps encountered in the oil and gas industry.Oil Seals in UAE

Mechanical Seals in Oil Factory

The oil and gas industry is a main industry which is said to the full strength of the country with the fast development in recent years and has established very quickly. At the identical time, the oil and gas enterprises have made certain progress within the scale and technical level of their equipment. The mechanical oil and gas seal (dry gas seal and wet gas seal) also has become one among the most important research topics. At the identical time, people are becoming more and more attention on this part.

What are the advantages of Oil and Gas Seals?

For reliable sealing performance the oil and gas mechanical seal has many advantages, a little amount of leakage, the utilization of a series of advantages of long life, low power consumption.  It’s widely used in mechanical equipment, like fans, compressors, pumps, and reaction kettle, and is furthermore commonly used in petroleum machinery.

What are the Selection criteria of Mechanical Seal Types in Oil and Gas Industry?

The choice of mechanical seals is always a difficult problem in Oil and Gas industry, like catalytic cracking oil slurry pump, initial distillation tower bottom pump, regenerator pump, atmospheric tower bottom pump, delayed coking feed pump and vacuum tower bottom pump.

Oil and gas industries run with QMS seals every day. The correct and reasonable selection of mechanical seals will effectually extend the operation time of the equipment. The demand and provide of these resources are very high in the existing scenario. The resources are vital to several industries and are of importance to the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, and thus it’s a critical concern for many nations. QMSseals.com will make important contributions to the appliance of mechanical seals in petroleum and natural gas industries.Mechanical Seals in Oil Factory