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Mechanical Seals For Food and Beverage Industry | QMS SEALS

Mechanical Seals For Food & Beverage Industry

We supply Mechanical seals for food and beverage industry in UAE. QMS Pumps are the largest manufacturers of Mechanical Sealing Systems for Dairy, Juice and Brewery applications. We manufacture the complete range of Mechanical Seals having features unmatched by the competitions. We also manufacture special range of seals specially developed as per customer requirements. These tailor made designs incorporate many advances and innovations over the originals without compromising performance or cost Effectiveness. conical spring seal. Specially used in Beverages, Milk and Milk Products. Seals are available in Single as well As double seal. Single spring seal Specially used in Beverages and Dairy Applications . Food and beverage are essential for all humans and the industry are facing more and more regulations to ensure food safety. Few Years have been working with some of the larger original equipment manufacturers (OEM) within the food industry and developed a wide range of mechanical seals for different equipment and applications meeting the requirements set to materials, design and performance.