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Valve supplier in Dubai

QMS Pumps and Equipment's LLC is a leading valve supplier based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are supplier and stocker of industrial valves (gate gates, balls, checks, globes, butterflies, plugs, etc.), instrumentation valves (balls, checks, needles, DBBs, manifolds, etc.) and strainers for oil and gas. I'm a trader. industry. Dubai's onshore, offshore, refining, petrochemical, process, fertilizer, water and wastewater treatment, ETP, power and shipbuilding industries. The company has been supplying valves and other bulk materials to pipelines around the world for many years.

QMS Pumps and Equipment LLC's comprehensive experience in managing bulk shipments to meet your project and daily needs is unmatched by any other company in the region. Our hub is in the airport zone of Dubai (UAE) and is uniquely positioned to ship materials worldwide at very short notice. We specialize in integrating valve supplies for the process, power and energy industries.

Our company is structured to be close to end users, engineering companies and construction companies. We employ best practices offered by the industry to provide our customers with the best value proposition. QMS understands the importance of quality and only works with approved international manufacturers within each product class. Our pipeline supply service integrates and packages reliable, high-quality products from world-class manufacturers, and leverages our extensive inventory to provide contractors and end-users with real-time supply for their projects or decommissioning activities. Provide materials. Proper internal quality checks and strong supply chain management enable QMS to provide customers with accurate supply solutions, Valve supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Our commercial team supports customers in implementing new investment projects or maintaining existing infrastructure facilities. Sales Managers maintain regular contact with customers and manage sourcing needs worldwide. Experienced employees and company employees are guided by a common vision and values. Each and every one of us is committed to the company's success and strives to improve our reputation and standing in society. Integrity, relationship building, ownership and commitment, teamwork and customer focus are the core values ​​of QMS. Today, the company is one of the few certified suppliers to repeatedly appear on valve supply bidder lists of major national, regional and international companies.

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