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Mechanical Seals For Chemical Industry | QMS SEALS

Mechanical Seals For Chemical Industry

We supply Mechanical Seals For Chemical Industry, Wide range of equipments required by the chemical industry, QMS Pumps is a leading mechanical seal manufacturer ans suppliers in UAE. we have experience with virtually every style and standard of rotating equipments, and we have developed a broad range of solutions with proven application. The priority of mechanical seals for the chemical industry are planned to operate with aggressive fluid, dangerous & pollution liquids, but also in operations of extreme temperature conditions that these liquids can reach during processing. For this reason, the reliability of the sealing systems must be on top level, in order to allow the productive procedures to operate in complete safety and functionality. Seals are key components for the operation of chemical plants. Rotating equipments, pumps, agitators & compressors – valves and flanges as well as pipes and ducts carrying gases and liquids must be reliably sealed.