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PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals Suppliers in UAE | QMS SEALS

PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals Suppliers in UAE

QMS Seals is PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah. We are a manufacturer and supplier of  PTFE Teflon Bellows, PTFE Teflon Bellows mechanical Seals, PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical seals, and PTFE Teflon Bellow Faces in UAE. These products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, which are sourced from renowned vendors of the market. Our range of PTFE Teflon bellows mechanaical seals and faces are reckoned for their flawlessness and for standing tall on the expectations of our clients. These products are used for the purpose of ensuring fine flow of pipeline from primary glass equipment.

Teflon PTFE Bellow Seals are designed to handle highly corrosive liquids. PTFE Teflon Bellow seal has been widely applied in the area of atomic energy, defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, mechanical, instrument, instrument, building, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, textile, food, metallurgy and smelting industries, and has become an indispensable product. Teflon Bellow Mechanical seals has been designated as Fixed and replaceable bellow face respectively For replaceable version there is flexibility for selection of face material as per the media to be sealed, which can be easily removed & replaced.


  • Seal Characteristics : Single acting, Independent of direction of rotating, outside mounted
  • Application : Corrosive liquids, Hydro chloric, Sulpuric, Nitric, Phosphoric acids
  • Face Materials : Carbon, Silicon carbide, Ceramic, GFT, CFT
  • Metal Parts : SS316, SS304, Hastelloy-C Secondary Seal: Elastomers, PTFE
  • Operating Limits : shaft dia: 18mm to 100mm, Pressure : 6 bar(max), Temp : -40 to 180 deg C

Advantages Of The PTFE Teflon Mechanical Seals

  • PTFE teflon bellow seals can be applied to the fields of food, medicine, medicine and so on.
  • PTFE teflon bellow seals for pumps has the function of physiological inertia, sterilization and disinfection.
  • PTFE teflon bellows seal design has small friction resistance, no adhesion and creeping effect; high pressure;
  • PTFE bellow seal has good resistance to deformation and resistance to extrusion; it is easy to install and complete in size.
  • The elastic inner core has good elasticity, which greatly improves the sealing effect of PTFE mechanical seal.

QMS Seals as a Leading mechanical seals manufacturer and supplier Based in UAE, has many years experience on the PTFE Teflon bellow Mechanical seals producing.

PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals Suppliers in UAE
PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals Suppliers in UAE
PTFE Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seals Suppliers in UAE